It isn't easy to arrange a funeral for a loved one. We aim to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible.

Appointment to discuss arrangments

When you are ready to arrange the funeral, get in contact with us on 0121 474 2163 or drop in during office hours, and we can arrange an appointment that suits your schedule to start discussing details. Arrangements can take place in our private arranging rooms in our office or alternatively, we can come to your home if you prefer. Oliver Scott & Family is a small firm of independent funeral directors, as such, we don't limit time with you to make funeral arrangements, in fact, we prefer to take longer as it gives us more time to get to know you.


We acknowledge that funerals are expensive and while many funeral directors ask for the disbursements (expenses paid on your behalf) to be paid in advance of a funeral, our policy here at Scott's is to ask for payment in full or to have legal confirmation that funds are available and guaranteed. However, we would never ask or expect you to take out a loan to cover the costs of a funeral. For more information have a look at our price list page. PRICES


We can discuss every detail to create a farewell perfectly suited for your loved one. The first thing to consider whether you're thinking of burial or cremation. Religious service or otherwise, and venues. Traditional funeral or more personalised. Wide selection of vehicles from white horse-drawn hearses to silver Landrovers and London buses. Dress codes for family and friends. Tributes and eulogies. Order of service sheets. Music, any genres can be played but we advise that you check with the celebrant and venue host first.


If you decide on cremation, you can decide where the ashes go, we can collect and keep them for a short period of time while you decide what you would like to do. If you wish to scatter the ashes, permission is required from authority in charge. We can show you a range of urns: picture printed cardboard scatter tubes to works of art.


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